OCD Monthly Maintenance Plan

This amazing package is only available if you have received an OCD Full Detail “within the last month”

After getting an OCD full detail, your car will be completely looked after on a monthly basis from the last full detail and monthly from then on in

Never have to wash your car again…

I come to you at your home or business, or if you prefer drop your car off at my Home Body/Detailing Shop

What is included

Interior detail

  • Everything is removed from inside the car and placed in Customer Bags to be sorted out by the Client.
  • UVA Blacklight Torch I check the Interior for hidden stains, bacteria, mould etc so I know where to concentrate my detail on
  • Then using brushes, all purpose antibacterial cleaner doors, middle console are Air Blasted then Steam blasted
  • The interior is vacuumed with micro attachments.
  • I use my Tucson 5.5mm duel lens Inspection Camera to check for dirty stained spots not physically available to be seen with the naked eye or anything I have missed
  • After this all of the interior surfaces are cleaned with their relevant interior cleaner and finished off with a Ceramic Si02/Graphene or Hybrid Coating
  • If you have Leather seats they are cleaned and conditioned depending on the actual material in your vehicle with the BEST products available
  • All interior glasswork is cleaned until it sparkles
  • Minor stains etc removed
  • I then sanitise killing 99.999% bacteria and germs with a high lowered UVC Sanitising Wand
  • Then lastly checked again with my UVA Blacklight Torch to check that stains/ bacteria have been illuminated to the best of my ability
  • If there are stains and marks on any internal material that can ONLY be properly cleaned by my Bissell Turbo Spot Cleaner I will contact the Client if they would like to address this either on that day or the next detail?
  • Choose one of my amazing Custom Interior Car Scents to choose from
  • I also clean and protect your cars Key FOB! Before handing back your vehicle to you

Exterior detail

  • Quick walkthrough with your vehicle 1st noting it’s condition and any parts that really bug you will be prioritised to be completed to the best of my ability
  • Dependent on the Condition of the car either Ceramic SI02 or a new Graphene waterless car wash is used and then buffed back to new with one of the latest hybrid waxes and paint sealants
  • If not a quick wash is done using the same technique as a full Exterior Detail
  • If needed – Under carriage spray washed with filtered water at  approx 1900 psi MAX
  • The same above applies to the wheels and rims finishing off with a beautiful coating on the wheels and all exterior rubber, vinyl areas etc
  • The exterior windscreen and windows including all lights are cleaned and sprayed with a hydroscopic Ceramic 
  • Any minor scratches, swirl marks etc that have occurred during the last month are removed 
  • Choose one of my amazing Custom Interior Car Scents
  • I am basically bringing your car back to how it was after it’s 1st Detail or EVEN BETTER – due to my Custom OCD Layering Technique
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