OCD Interior Detail​

What is included


  • Everything is removed from inside the car and placed in Customer Bags to be sorted out by the Client.
  • UVA Blacklight Torch I check the Interior for hidden stains, bacteria, mould etc so I know where to concentrate my detail on
  • Then using brushes, all purpose antibacterial cleaner doors, middle console are Air Blasted then Steam blasted
  • The interior is vacuumed with micro attachments.
  • I use my Tucson 5.5mm duel lens Inspection Camera to check for dirty stained spots not physically available to be seen with the naked eye or anything I have missed
  • After this all of the interior surfaces are cleaned with their relevant interior cleaner and finished off with a Ceramic Si02/Graphene or Hybrid Coating
  • If you have Leather seats they are cleaned and conditioned depending on the actual material in your vehicle with the BEST products available
  • All interior glasswork is cleaned until it sparkles
  • Minor stains etc removed
  • I then sanitise killing 99.999% bacteria and germs with a high lowered UVC Sanitising Wand
  • Then lastly checked again with my UVA Blacklight Torch to check that stains/ bacteria have been illuminated to the best of my ability
  • If there are stains and marks on any internal material that can ONLY be properly cleaned by my Bissell Turbo Spot Cleaner I will contact the Client if they would like to address this either on that day or the next detail?
  • Choose one of my amazing Custom Interior Car Scents to choose from
  • I also clean and protect your cars Key FOB! Before handing back your vehicle to you
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