OCD Exterior Detail​

What is included

  • Quick walkthrough with your vehicle 1st noting it’s condition and any parts that really bug you will be prioritised to be completed to the best of my ability
  • I check the exterior paint coat thickness with my Apex Customs Thickness Gauge and recorded for present + future reference
  • I check the paintwork before and after with a 1000x magnification 1080p Digital Microscope
  • I check the paintwork with an Industrial Gloss Meter before and after
  • Pre spray washed with filtered water at  approx 1900 psi MAX
  • Snow foam stage
  • Rinsed with filtered water at approx 1900 psi Max
  • Wheels and rims are completed 1st, with their own dedicated bucket with grit guard thoroughly Cleaned and Decontaminated, then dressed with a heat resistant hydroscopic Ceramic or Hybrid coating
  • Under carriage spray washed with filtered water at  approx 1900 psi MAX
  • Car washed using the 2 x bucket stages (wash bucket/ rinse buckets) ALL with grit guards

Then If required:

  • Clay Barred and Paint Decontaminated
  • Rinsed/ spray washed with filtered water at approx 1900 psi MAX
  • Car thoroughly dried with my BigBoi Dryer
  • Spot Correct any part of the car for Bug and Tyre Splatter and minor scratches and marks from coming into contact with another vehicle or substance

Then If required:

  • COMPOUNDED & POLISHED with a Hybrid  Ceramic or Graphene Detailer
  • WAXED with your unique Custom wax perfect for your own car and buffed back to perfection
  • If your car doesn’t require the Compound and Polish stage a Ceramic or Graphene Hybrid Wax and Sealant is used then buffed to perfection
  • Minor scratch marks, swirls, holograms removed
  • Headlights and all External Windows Cleaned with a Hydroscopic Compound
  • Vinyl and rubber etc specially treated
  • All exterior Chrome and Metal polished
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