Hi I’m Gareth Owen

With over 30 years of Car Detailing experience and having totally managed OCD or OCN – Obsessive Compulsive Neurosis, which has become a blessing in disguise and amazing quality to have when paired up with detailing any type of car/vehicle to my extreme level of perfection! As well as being ‘therapy’ for me’, enjoying the restoration process

And hence the name of my business

Obsessive Compulsive Detailers….

Detailing vehicles and the individual personal goals I set myself really excite and motivate myself from brand newly purchased prestige cars to classic that need love and attention and to very neglected everyday drivers.

From when I first meet you and introduce myself to you and your vehicle and do a walk through, It’s my total passion to totally radically exceed your expectations.

And ultimate goal “wherever possible” is to detail your car better than brand new from the Manufacturer, then detailed by the Dealership for handover to their Customers.

I don’t just do quick fixes that look outstanding yet only last a few days to a few weeks.
My plan is longevity for you and my own work/business ethic is looking at the”Long Term”, towards you where I get your cars even very neglected “every day drivers”, to my own standard of “Perfection” that just lasts…

From your 1st initial detail, all that should be required is maintenance details where I can then concentrate on different parts of your vehicle or deal with any issues that have occurred since our last meeting.

I continue to extensively study and research the worlds best car detailers, products and equipment.

And have taken the best bits from each and created my very own unique OCD Unique Cleaning Technique and Exterior Layering Art.

I am not just coming to your vehicle from a Detailing POV

But from a:

  • Out Of The Box logistical Approach
  • An Ultra Professional Cleaning Approach
  • A Chemical / Specialised Product Approach
  • A Microscopic Detailing Approach Using The Best Equipment and Technology Approach

I look forward to meeting with you and detailing your vehicle to my own exceptional standard…

Exceeding your expectations….

Sincerely Gareth Owen

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